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Friends Only. Sorry! ^^; // SHOUT-OUT Post...of DOOM. 8Dv

As of July 9, 2007, this journal has become Retards Friends Only.

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Comments are screened. xD Yoroshiku~!

This Friends Only banner is m-i-n-e. It's not up for grabs. Yes, I am aware that it's crudely done, but I happen to be very fond of it, so BOO you. >:P

If you want me to add you back, please comment here after adding me. ^^;

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Crack is more than just that thing that jin looks like he snorted back in LA.

From the cluprit(s) behind Bob's Entertainment/The Bobs and The Vic Zhou/Jerry Yan Mating Ritual/Mpreg Post comes another WTF-You-Srsly-Have-No-Life production...


When Ali's mind wanders (and she drags along a few friends, along the way), seldom can things turn out coherent and near sane. Turn back now, before it's too late.

Notes: While a good chunk of these "facts" are made up, some of the things stated are, indeed, based on facts and real happenings, all connected and twisted in a way that they fit with the Girls Club universe and timeline (if there are years stated, though, those are with basis xD). Everything was done in pure fun, though. ;D If you take this seriously...er...okay. You're welcome to, but don't say I didn't warn you. LOL Without further ado, I bring you:

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Comments? Hate mail? xD If anyone gets pissed off and says shit like, "BUT RYO IS NOT A GIRL! HE IS A SEXY OSAKA MAN," I will LMAO at them then proceed to spork their eyes out. It's crack. Deal with it. LOL

I dunno how many people will actually be amused by this, seeing as this is kinda sorta like a private joke between aoimidori and I; born out of random conversations which lead to, "Ah! Girls Club!" And now, every time Jun or Ryo or Tego or Tsubasa would do something that would normally warrant a, "that is so very ghei" comment, we assume it's the Girls Club's doing. Lol

Now, please tell me that someone will write Girls Club fic in which: Jin and Pi get wind of the cool, sekrit club within JE and they fight about who gets to be the girl so that they can join...among other Girls Club happenings. :3

There are downloads and links to pics here and there throughout the post. Not much, but...:P

Ack. As stormingflower pointed out, I forgot Yasu. D: Um. Yassan can go and form a Boys Pretending To Be Girls Pretending To Be Boys club together? :P
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Crack is more than just that thing separating your butt cheeks.

WARNING: The following is a result of 3 high (and 1 sleeping) friends' random conversation mid-morning which lasted until 5am. Almost nothing is to be taken seriously. Also, these were all purposely edited crudely, so before anyone says, "you suck at PS!" er...dude. It's crack, what do you expect? ^^;

What if every Johnny's boy/man had an exact lookalike but with completely opposite characters...only, what if they had bobs? XD

BEHOLD! We bring you...Bob's Entertainment!

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Anyway, special props to aoimidori for the LOL photoshopping (btw, she loves MatsuJun...but see the fab work she did on Buffman? XD) and to chibi_boom who knows practically nothing about JE and whose image of Asou Haruto I keep changing for being a great cohort and not falling asleep on us like someone. *stares pointedly* Lastly, to seiret for allowing Hammurabi to write on your thigh. XDDD